Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! My name is David Botts and I am a seminary student in Springfield, MO currently attending Baptist Bible College Graduate School. What you are looking at is my new blog. Some of you are probably wondering what exactly is the blog about or why should I even care about it? Well I’m glad you asked. You see this blog is not a blog where I write on and on and on about my feelings about topics, although I’m sure at times they will come out. No, this blog is something that has been on my heart to start for some time now. God has given me an incredible desire to read and study and to learn as much as I can about Him and His Word. This is what this blog is about. I know in the four years now that I have been at Bible college I have read so many books and sometimes those books have been life changing and sometimes I couldn’t wait for the book to be over so that I could move on to a new book. I know there are a lot of books out there that you have wanted to read but don’t know if it is worth it. Maybe you are a seminary student and you want to know what can I get out of reading this book or that book or even what books I can read in addition to the books I am required to read. Well this is a blog for you. What about those of you who aren’t in college? Yes, you should be reading too! This blog is for you too. Here you will find reviews of books that you can read that will inspire growth and maturity in the Lord or maybe a good book to encourage you. This blog is for everyone! Submit requests for books that you want to see reviewed and there is a chance you could see them appear on this blog. Now books can be expensive so pray as we journey together that God will provide so that we all will grow together. This blog exists to glorify God and we will do this together through the reading of His Word and other material! I pray that you will join with me as we start this exciting journey together through reading!

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