Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brothers We Are Not Professionals Book Review

When it comes to reminding us of what ministry is and what ministry is not John Piper is one of the best. A constant thinker Piper takes pastors or ministry leaders on a journey to remember that what we do is not just a profession like any other. What is amazing is that he uses 30 different small chapters to remind us of what we are called to do. Some of these chapters were sweet reminders of things that I know that I have taken for granted. Piper reminds us of the importance of prayer, of reading the Bible, reading Christian biographies and so much more. I think one of the chapters that really hit home with me was when Piper reminded me that God inspired hard texts within Scripture and that we need to make sure that we are faithfully preaching them. Another chapter that moved me was one in which Piper reminded the reader that we need to teach people that the essence of worship is more important than the form. I needed to be reminded that God is looking at the heart of my worship and not how I am doing it. I could go on and on about different chapters that moved me, but instead I want to share some lines from the book that moved me.

So the goal of spiritual leadership is to muster people to join God in living for God's glory.

The essence of the Christian ministry is that success is not within our reach.

When it comes to reading the Bible slow down. Query. Ponder. Chew.

When the heart no longer feels the truth of hell, the gospel passes from good news to simply news. The intensity of joy is blunted and the heart spring of love is dried up.

The problem is not with earning a lot the problem is the constant accumulation of luxuries that are soon felt to be needs. If you want to be a conduit for God's grace, you don't have to be lined with gold. Copper will do.

I don't know where you are today. You may be on the verge of ministry burnout. You could be in the middle of seminary and needing a refreshing reminder of why we do what we do. You could be a lay person who needs to be reminded of what ministry should be about. Whatever your situation is or wherever you are this book can encourage you in your walk with God. I know it impacted my life and my prayer is that it will impact you.

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