Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Gospel Primer Review

A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent is a book that is only 97 pages but has the depth and impact of a volume four or five times its size. This book takes a look at the Gospel from different view points. The book looks at the reason to review the Gospel daily, a narrative view of the Gospel, a prose view of the Gospel, and the surprise of the Gospel. In each of these four chapters the reader is challenged immensely in regards to the Gospel.  The reader will be blown away when reading this book as they are challenged in regards to how we respond to the Gospel. When I read this book there was so much energy from the challenging content caused me to get out of my chair and pace when I read. This book is so challenging and here are some things that challenged me as I read the book.

The glory of God is the most powerful agent of transformation available to mankind.

When controlling my thoughts as described above, the gospel cures me of my suspicion of God, thereby disposing me to walk more trustingly on the path of obedience to His commands.

The mere fact that God tells me to stay inside the Gospel at all times must mean that He intends to supply all of my needs as long as I am abiding in that place of luxury.

The gospel assures me that the love of God is infinitely superior to any love that I could ever give myself.

The gospel reveals to me the breathtaking glory and loveliness of God, and in doing so, it lures my heart away from love of self and leaves me enthralled by Him instead.

The gospel reminds me daily of the spiritual poverty into which I was born and also of the staggering generosity of Christ towards me.

I could continue with quote after quote from this book that has challenged me on so many levels. This book is a must read for every believer. It will bring you back to the good news of the Gospel! It will remind you of the glory of God in the Gospel. This book changed my life and I hope that it will bless you as much as it has blessed me!

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